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With over 2 million residents and nearly 600 square miles of land area, Houston is the largest City in Texas.  This large city is home to many big companies, famous people, and tourist attractions.  Among the Texas attractions include a variety monthly and annual special events designed to let tourists, locals, and their families have fun while enjoying the atmosphere, culture, and town spirit.  With any special event, you will likely find the use portable sanitation equipment such as porta potties or restroom trailers in order to provide for the needs of the guests and the workers.  This equipment is considered to be essential for hosting most special events as many venues either lack restroom facilities or cannot supply the anticipated crowd with the existing restrooms.  VIP Restrooms has been renting and leasing portable sanitation equipment for more than 20+ years.  We understand the needs of special events and are here to serve you and all of Texas.


Portable Toilets, Porta-Johns, Shower & Restroom Trailers in the State of Texas

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