Beating the Arizona Heat and Get the Most Out of Your Portable Potty Rental

This is Arizona Hot
VIP Porta Potty Rental in Arizona Heat.

Arizona is probably best known for being a very hot state often having summer temperatures that exceed 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  Natives of this great state have learned to cope with the high temperatures using a variety of tactics and are known to tell friends and family that “it’s a dry heat.”  While this famous saying speaks to the different climate Arizona may have when compared to other hot parts of the country, it’s certainly not something that is usually said to describe the inside of a porta potty. In fact, the extreme Arizona heat can certainly make using a porta potty at an outdoor event a less than comfortable experience.

Many Arizona special events, such as the Phoenix Marathon or the Annual Arizona BBQ Festival, take place outdoors where the sun can warm the interior of a standard port-o-john to temperatures that may exceed the ambient temperature of the area. This heat can make the interior of a porta potty particularly uncomfortable as the liquids contained in the holding tank can vaporize generating unpleasant odors and creating an unusually humid environment within the enclosure.  Ultimately, this can lead to reduced comfort for guests. When the Phoenix heat is on and you are planning a special event it’s important to think about the guest experience.  VIP Restrooms has made it their specialty to give customers the VIP treatment with our practical and luxurious portable toilets.

We have several portable restroom models that can help beat the heat including our Black Tie restroom trailer and our luxury/VIP toilet trailer. The Black Tie Restroom Trailer is the prime choice for a comfortable port-a-john experience as it comes complete with several amenities including a highly coveted and efficient air conditioning system . Users of this unit will most certainly receive the VIP treatment! Our luxury/VIP toilet trailer is another model that offers improved comfort. This restroom trailer is a fully self contained multi-unit facility.  It features flushing toilets, running water and a ventilation fan to move the air around removing odors while also keeping you cool. Either of these units are perfect for any outdoor special event such as a fairs, festivals or carnivals where practicality, price, and convenience are of the utmost importance. All of VIP Restrooms’ trailer mounted sanitation equipment are designed to give users the ultimate restroom experience.

Because our service area includes hot climates, VIP Restrooms has the accessories and equipment needed to help make anyone’s portable restroom experience as convenient and comfortable as possible. In addition to these great restroom units, customers can also enjoy a standard porta potty or flushing unit in the hot Arizona sun when paired with a mobile solar or battery powered ventilation fan.  These small devices have the power to move ample fresh air into the unit while pushing the noxious warm air to the outside. No matter if you need sanitation services in the cooler reach of Flagstaff or the hot metropolitan areas of Phoenix or Tucson; VIP Restrooms proudly serves all of Arizona. Give us a call today to see just how “cool” our products and prices are! Click here for Phoenix Porta Potty Rentals.