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Chula Vista, California Special Event Portable Sanitation Equipment

Located just miles from the international border with Mexico, Chula Vista is one of the most culturally diverse cities in America.  The booming economy and proximity to the many attractions and destinations of San Diego make this city a hotspot for special events such as concerts, road races,  street festivals & celebrations, and fairs.  Any Chula Vista special event is expected to bring in lots of people – there isn’t a weekend without plenty of great things to do.  Special event planners have perfected the art of running events.  This includes hiring temporary workers, marketing the event, selling tickets, food and merchandise, and of course, planning for portable sanitation.  Portable sanitation such as porta potties or restroom trailers are of the utmost importance for any event and renting them couldn’t be easier.  When you call our company you can expect to receive the best customer service as well as a quick and easy to understand (as well as free) equipment rental quote.


Cula Vista Porta Potty Rentals

More often than not you can expect to see many porta potties at any special event that you attend.  This is because the standard porta potty is a low cost option that can be delivered and removed from any site at a moment’s notice. They also don’t require any electricity and can maintain clean conditions for several days with very little effort.  Customers are also familiar with them and have become accustomed to using porta potties.  Most events can get by with only a few porta potties as well as an ADA compliant unit however some events will need many units.  Our company and team of sanitation specialists have XXX years helping customers just like you plan the portable sanitation needs of a variety of special events. So when you’re planning your next big event, give us a call for a free event analysis and rental quote.


Chula Vista Restroom & Shower Trailers

If porta potties aren’t your style, we also have a large variety of restroom and shower trailers ready for any special occasion you may be planning.  Transportable and complete with running water, our restroom trailers are the cleanest in the business.  Our team of dedicated and local professionals can strategically locate the restroom and/or shower trailers throughout your event in order to maximize the customer experience.  You and your guests will be pleased with both the price and the service.  Give us a call today and find out just how easy renting a restroom or shower trailer is.

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