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Claremont, CA. Portable Restrooms for Rent

Claremont, CA. is famous for the great weather and outdoor-loving atmosphere.  Claremont, California is also home to many annual special events and large festivals and family events.  Portable Sanitation equipment, such as porta potties, restroom trailers, shower trailers and hand washing sinks are often deemed a necessity at special events such as these.  Our company rents portable sanitation equipment to anyone for reasonable prices.  Our rental agreements also come with service contracts which helps to ensure that your restrooms are clean for the duration of the event. Both you and your guests will be happy with the top tier restroom experience that we offer.

Porta Potties

Practically everyone is familiar with the standard porta potty.  This simple plastic unit comes with a chemically treated holding tank and a contoured seat perfect for most events and occasions.  This unit gets the job done taking up little space at your event for a very reasonable price.  One unit is often all you need as it can easily provide service for up to 50 guests at a day’s long event. Whether you need one porta potty or one hundred units, give us a call today for a free quote!

Restroom Trailers

Portable Restroom trailers are well suited for special events in Clairemont.  These trailers come complete with several amenities that the standard porta potty simply does not have.  The typical restroom trailer has a flushing toilet and a sink ready for hand washing or just to freshen up.  If you need something a little more luxurious, our company has VIP-style or presidential restroom trailers that are so nice it will make you believe that you are at home.  Whether hosting a red carpet event, preparing to film a movie, or just putting the final touches on that large family reunion, the restroom trailer may just be what you need to make it a success.  Contact us today for a free quote on a restroom trailer lease!

Shower Trailers

Shower trailers are great for events where participants will get dirty or extra sweaty.  These events may include marathons, mud runs, obstacle courses, etc.  In addition to events like these, shower trailers make a great addition to any construction site or movie set.  After a long shift workers may find that a shower before they go home is the key to begin their evening the right way.  If you are in need of a shower trailer give us a call for a free quote for a weekend rental or a long term lease.

Hand Washing Sinks

Hand washing sinks are often necessary to help prevent the spread of disease while maintaining clean and sanitary conditions.  These portable sanitation devices pair well with the standard porta potty but can also be used a standalone unit.  You’ll find uses for hand washes sinks at many Clairemont special events such as petting zoos, animal feedings, nature experiences, and even farmer’s markets and food truck conventions.  If you are in need of portable hand washing sinks in Clairemont, California, give us a call for a free rental quote.