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Mira Mesa Portable Toilet Equipment Rentals

Mira Mesa, the largest community in San Diego, is home to more than 80,000 residents. Like neighboring communities, Mira Mesa is known for its active lifestyle and a never ending list of things to do.  Festivities, carnivals, and family oriented holiday events are as commonplace as the temperate climate.


Nearly every special event that is planned needs to consider the restroom situation. Events that last only a few hours or that plan to draw only a small crowd may find that existing onsite facilities will work for them.  However, when a special event is planned to last more than a few hours, draw a large crowd, or serves food and drinks, portable restroom trailers and/or porta potties may be necessary to ensure a successful event. Furthermore, many special events such as company picnics and family reunions, are held at large outdoor venues where restrooms don’t exist making it a necessity to rent a couple of porta potties. In addition to events, we provide construction site services to all of Mira Mesa and the surrounding San Diego Area.


If your events needs are a little more specific we can help you select the perfect restroom trailers or potty.  We have ADA compliant toilets that provide extra room and accessibility for families with small children, senior citizens, and the disabled. ADA compliant porta potties are a great way to add convenience and comfort to your next event. In addition to a variety of porta potty units, we have restroom trailers which are a bit more spacious and offer a few more amenities.  Our basic restroom trailer comes with a flushing toilet and a hand washing sink.  However, more luxurious trailers are available which can give your guests the star treatment.  Whatever your portable sanitation needs are, we can deliver to you.


Known for having the cleanest toilets in the West, our company offers a wide selection of porta potties and restroom trailers that are designed to suit just about any rental need that you may have.  We can rent you a single porta potty for a day or a fleet of restroom trailers for a month.  In addition to this, we provide a service contract with your rental that includes delivery, pickup, cleaning, and all supplies needed to keep your toilets running and customers happy. Don’t let a lack of adequate restrooms ruin the customer experience – give us a call today for a free quote and portable toilet rental plan.

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