Portable Sanitation Helps Victims of Hurricane Harvey
Published on August 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has made landfall in Houston, Texas and if predictions are correct then this hurricane is set to be one of the most devastating storms to hit the American coast in more than a decade. Thousands of homes and businesses in Houston and surrounding communities such as Baytown, Conroe and Galveston have been adversely affected and many lives have already been lost. Emergency management professionals are hard at work tracking the storm, managing available resources and doing everything within their power to save lives and keep people safe.  In addition to working the actual disaster, emergency management professionals always begin thinking about the recovery process early on as well. As is usually the case with hurricanes, the clean up and recovery effort will take months or even years to complete and will require significant resources and equipment to accomplish.

Why Portable Toilets Are Needed for Hurricane Harvey

Hurricanes  are a particularly devastating natural disaster in that they bring both strong winds and flooding to a community.  When combined, these two powerful forces have the ability to destroy buildings  and public infrastructure such as sewer and water systems rendering them uninhabitable or temporarily inoperable.  Flooding can also impact the usability of area roadways as well as the functionality of septic systems that may exist in rural areas.

VIP Restrooms Provides Clean Toilets for Hurriane Harvey

When entire communities are devastated by a storm there may not be any clean, usable restrooms available for miles. Individuals located within in the disaster zone such as survivors, first res-ponders, and government officials will not have a place to safely go to the bathroom. A natural disaster can quickly turn into a public health emergency if hundreds or thousands of people don’t have access to clean and usable restrooms. For these reasons, temporary accommodations via portable sanitation equipment must be made quickly. Even if wastewater systems within the damaged neighborhoods are not affected, portable sanitation is still often needed to aid in the cleanup and recovery effort as most area restrooms may be closed to public use or they will simply be unavailable due to structural damage to the building.  In these situations local companies such as VIP Restrooms, are often employed to help with recovery by bringing in porta potties and/or restrooms trailers to serve the storm victims and recovery workers.

Porta Potty Sanitation Needed for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Another thing to consider with many natural disasters is that authorities usually set up shelters and recovery centers for storm victims to go to if their homes are damaged or destroyed.  Shelters such as schools, churches, and government buildings will not usually have enough onsite restrooms to accommodate the sudden large influx of people.  Temporary restrooms such as porta potties are often needed to supplement the facilities that a shelter may already have. Companies like VIP Restrooms are well equipped to help handle these situations as they typically have dozens of portable toilets locally positioned for immediate use should the need arise.

Restrooms Trailers Provide Relief in Wake of Hurricane Harvey Disaster

With a service area extending throughout all of Texas and the United States, VIP Restrooms is ready to mobilize and help with the recovery effort following any disaster. Our trained portable sanitation experts can deliver porta potties and restroom trailers at a moment’s notice and will help to strategically locate the equipment around the affected disaster areas.  At VIP Restrooms we are proud to serve you and community which is why after 20 years in the business we are known to be one of the top portable sanitation equipment providers in the nation.

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