Hurricane Matthew Portable Sanitation Relief – Mobile Disaster Response
Published on October 7, 2016

VIP Restrooms Disaster Relief Portable Water Sanitation for Hurricane Matthew

The Florida coast is currently being pummeled by Hurricane Matthew.  This category 4 storm has the potential to devastate many Floridian communities and be one of the deadliest storms on record.  Already Matthew has resulted in more than 300 fatalities in Haiti and a loss of electricity to almost 100,000 people residing in Florida.  The storm surge is expected to exceed 10ft would lead to thousands of structures being flooded or destroyed. Weather forecasters are hoping for the best as the hurricane is currently predicted to travel up the US coast and then back out into the Atlantic ocean.

Florida is no stranger to major tropical storms and hurricanes.  Historically speaking nearly 500 hurricanes have affected this US state.  Because of this, the local governments, business, and general public tend to understand the basic risks of living here.  On a daily basis emergency management experts are busy planning and preparing for the next storm.  Local governments employ these professionals to reduce the number of lives lost during storms while also creating a resilient community that can withstand and endure any disaster.  Emergency managers are also responsible for “working the disaster” in that they must call for supplies, locate and open shelters, shut down roads, and set evacuation orders.

Disaster planning and preparedness always involves thinking about the basic necessities of humanity which includes food, water, shelter and proper sanitation. In most cases shelters and sanitation go hand in hand. Large buildings such as stadiums often become the standard location to shelter individuals displaced by the storm.  However, sometimes smaller buildings that lack adequate sanitation may become shelters based on their location or construction. If the shelter lacks sufficient on site sanitation to meet the personal hygiene needs of the individuals who are brought there then supplementary facilities are needed.  In this case temporary portable sanitation in the form of porta potties, restroom trailers and even shower trailers are needed to provide clean and sanitary conditions for storm victims.

The great thing about porta potties and many restroom trailers is that they are easy to transport, easy to set up, and require no connection to electrical and water utilities. This makes them ideal for disaster and emergency situations where there may be no power and access to running water could be non-existent.  When the storm has subsided the clean up and recovery crews will also need access to restrooms in order to be effective during their work.  Once the streets are cleared, a portable sanitation rental company, such as our company, can work quickly to strategically located temporary restrooms though out the disaster area in order to help ensure an expedient recovery.

In addition to porta potties and portable restrooms, shower trailers are also a great disaster response tool.  Many victims of disasters can become contaminated from raw sewage as well as tainted stormwater. When this occurs a good shower is necessary to remove the contaminants and provide a healthy and hygienic environment for people. A portable shower trailer can serve many people and result in a more comfortable experiences for victims during the disaster while also making the recovery effort a much more pleasant experience for all those involved.

Porta potties and restroom trailers are often considered essential emergency response equipment.  Emergency managers have come to realize the importance of temporary portable sanitation for the recovery of disasters. They understand the importance of sanitation to the recovery effort and without these devices the disaster would be much worse and the clean up would likely take much longer.  Not only will victims be able to maintain their personal hygiene, the recovery workers will be able to focus on the cleanup effort. The benefits of temporary portable sanitation are numerous and emergency managers have made it part of their emergency response kit.

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