Portable Shower Trailers

Unlike porta-potties and restroom trailers, portable shower trailers serve a completely different purpose. Shower trailers are a specialty type of transportable trailer that can be rented for a reasonable price. They have many uses ranging from such things as special events and disaster recovery to construction site cleanup and camping.


These trailers offer a convenient means for people to get clean and maintain good hygiene when they are away from home. Most shower trailers units are designed to serve anywhere from two to twelve people at a time (in individual cells) and can provide both hot and cold water for multiple showers.  Larger units are available that can serve up to 22 people. The typical unit has a 1,000 gallon reservoir which should be sufficient to hold the water from at least 60 average showers.


So why would anyone rent a shower trailer? There’s actually quite a few situations where a shower trailer would be needed. This article will focus on some of the most common reason that shower trailers would be needed at a sight.


Construction Sites

Pretty much everyone knows that working construction is a dirty job. Construction, by its very nature, often leads people to work in remote places that are far away from the luxuries of home. In many cases there’s not even a hotel nearby that the workers can use to clean themselves off after a day’s hard work. Furthermore, some jobs on a construction are particularly dirty and a lack of access to a shower can compromise the health of the workers. The shower trailer offers a perfect solution to this problem. Construction managers and site foreman can rent a shower trailer in order to provide their workers with access to a means to get clean at the end of their shift. Good hygiene (through showering) is a great way to help maintain a work force that is ready to get the job done.


Disaster Response

Perhaps one of the more obvious reasons why someone would need to rent a portable shower trailer is to help expedite the recovery effort after a natural or manmade disaster. When a disaster occurs it is often the case that there is a sudden lack of access to clean restrooms and showering facilities. A disaster may destroy these facilities or simply make it impossible for victims and workers to access them.  Furthermore, many disasters expose victims and workers to contaminants, carcinogens, and hazardous materials.


Renting multiple portable shower trailers is an excellent way to promote the recovery effort while also helping to prevent the spread of disease and contaminants. Maintaining good hygiene is essential especially when dealing with an emergency situation such as a natural disaster.  Both the disaster victims as well as the work crews will benefit from access to clean and convenient showers.


Movie Sets

When filming a movie in a remote location it may be advantageous to provide showers on site. Showers can help the actors, producers, and site workers remain clean while working on the movie. This has many advantages as it can help to speed up the time it would take to film scenes in that location. Both the actors and workers can focus on the job at hand instead of worrying about hygiene issues.  Actors may also need to shower between scenes due to potential wardrobe changes. In addition to these issues, many filmmakers insist on staying in the location of filming until all of the work is complete, no matter how long it takes. Renting or leasing a shower trailer is often seen as a necessity when the demands of filming a movie call for it.


Auto Races

Whether it’s mud bogs, sand rails, or monster trucks, some auto races can be particularly dirty.  These types of races and events pride themselves on mudslinging getting both the drivers and the spectators dirty in the process. While some race courses have onsite showers, many smaller venues do not have this luxury. In this case, portable showers can be rented to provide the race participants with an avenue to clean themselves up before they head home.


Athletic Events

Whether it’s running marathons, competing in a mud run, or destroying an obstacle course, athletes like to push themselves to the limit.  With athleticism and events like these it’s not uncommon for participants to finish completely soaked with sweat or coated in mud, dirt and grime.  Hosting events like this can be quite fun and exciting. Renting a shower trailer is an easy way to give participants a means to cool down and clean themselves off before they head home.  The event’s participants will thank you for the ability to shower soon after the event is complete.



In addition to porta-potties and restroom trailers, campsites are often in need of showering facilities. Many people who go camping enjoy the natural environment however will still prefer to shower if they can.  Many campgrounds have showers on site however this is not always the case.  Sometimes the inclusion of permanent showers is either impractical or cost prohibitive for the managers/owner of the facilities.  Portable shower trailers are a great way to fill this need.  They can be brought in and setup at just about any location.  And when they are no longer needed they can be removed.