Renting Portable Restroom Trailers and Mobile Bathrooms in San Diego, California

San Diego, California is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. The great community of San Diego has plenty of parks and designated areas that can be used for a variety of special events such as festivals carnivals, street celebrations, and even small sporting events.  There are many reasons that San Diego is the ideal place for events including its long beautiful beaches, densely populated urban centers with adjacent public space, and lively downtown districts full of unique shops and boutiques. San Diego’s perfectly temperate climate and its optimal location between neighboring communities as well as its highly connected transportation network also serve to make this place the place to be when it comes to special events and street celebrations.


Even in San Diego running a special event requires a significant planning effort and investment in time and money. First, there is finding a suitable event location followed by securing vendors and entertainers.  Event organizers also have to get permits, setup parking areas and hire workers to keep the event running smoothly.  Let’s not forget that when the event’s day comes all of the people in attendance will eventually need to use the restroom. Therefore, in addition to all of these things, special event planners must also consider the need for portable sanitation. The easiest solution to providing onsite restrooms for the event is to rent a number of porta potties or a few restroom trailers and place them logically around the event.


When it comes to temporary mobile restrooms there are many equipment options out there. However, restroom trailers tend to be a great choice or special events due to their versatility and the amenities that they offer. Restroom trailers offer several advantages over the standard porta-potty including the fact that they are more visually appealing for event guests. One advantage to portable restroom trailers is that workers can quickly and easily set up cluster of restrooms at any location that is accessible by a vehicle.  Restroom trailers also tend to be better equipped with more features and amenities than a standard porta john is. Many mobile bathroom units feature flushing toilets and hand washing stations. These features are not normally available on a standard porta potty. A restroom trailer that comes with air conditioning is the perfect addition to an outdoor event taking place on a hot day.


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