What Do I Need to Provide Portable Restrooms?
Published on December 13, 2019

Guide on What is Needed for Porta Potties

So you’ve decided you want to get some portable or temporary restrooms for your event or job site. The next step is to figure out where you’re going to put them, which isn’t always as straight-forward as it might seem. While most porta-potties can be put just about anywhere, there are some things you’ll want to consider when deciding their location. Here are just a few of them.

Level Ground

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable or as though they’re tipping over while trying to use the restroom, so finding a level spot on the ground to set your toilets up is important. While a small slope is fine, too big of a slope is conducive to the toilets tipping over, the fluid inside sloshing over one direction (thus preventing it from doing its job properly), and attendees or workers who are going to be uncomfortable when even trying to use the facility.

Likewise, even though the ground may be flat, divots, ruts, or other uneven surface features can make the toilet itself sit un-level or unsteady, causing the box to rock back and forth easily as weight shifts around. Make sure there’s a decent patch of flat land without any rocks, cracks, or other uneven features that could greatly disrupt how the toilet sits.

Large-Enough Land Plot

For general porta-potty fixtures, this isn’t a huge issue. However, if you plan on getting one of our executive restroom trailer options, this could be more of a problem. Trailers aren’t exactly small, and for good reason: the space they can provide inside is far more comfortable to use. But as an event host or job-site manager, you need to have the space to place it. In addition, there needs to be space for the trailer to reach its desired location.

When you do ultimately decide on which restroom trailer you’d like to have, make sure you measure out a plot on your event or job site that is large enough for the trailer to fit there, and make sure there’s a large enough travel path for the truck that brings your trailer to be able to properly place it. Not having suitable room to deliver the trailer is a more common problem than you might think.

Water & Power Fixtures

Some of our Elite series restroom trailers can provide the same level of comfort and convenience as a standard permanent restroom installation, complete with running water, air conditioning, ventilation, and more. However, in order to provide these benefits, they need to get a little help. Many of these trailers require that you have two dedicated 110-volt power connections on separate circuits, which means you’ll need two easily-accessible power plugs that extension cords can reach. These plugs cannot be on the same circuit or else the amperage draw will likely trip the breaker and shut it down.

Second, in order to provide flushing toilets, running urinals, and sinks with running water, these trailers need a connection to a constant water source. The good news is this can be something as simple as a regular garden hose. The bad news is, unless you have one of these sources available, you won’t have running water in the restroom. Be sure you plan on providing this as well as electricity in one of these restrooms, so you know where each of these sources is going to be located.

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