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Convenient Portable Restrooms in El Cajon, CA

When you need a reliable provider for portable bathroom facilities, you need VIP Restrooms in El Cajon, CA. You’ll have access to clean and comfortable restroom trailers, porta-potties, and hand sanitation stations delivered right to your home or event.


Your free quote will include the cost of delivery, setup, and teardown. Call us for a temporary restroom that’s within your budget.


VIP Restrooms is the top source for clean, convenient portable bathrooms, restroom trailers, and sanitation stations. We deliver and set up the equipment you need at your job sites and events. Tear down is a breeze, because our team handles that too!

Temporary Bathroom Facilities for Your El Cajon, CA Event 

Regardless of the event, you can rest assured that you’ll have convenient outdoor facilities to keep your guests comfortable. Everyone wants to have fun at your event, not wait in line at a restroom! Have your event planner call VIP Restrooms for convenient portable bathrooms for any occasion.


Keep our team in mind as you plan your next event, no matter how big or small. Our staff will find and deliver the most suitable portable restroom for your location. Contact our customer service reps via phone or online, and they will use our advanced software to find the best bathrooms for you.


Let our team handle this detail so you can focus on the big things that will make your event memorable.

Portable Bathrooms for Renovation Projects       

Construction workers are often working on sites without access to indoor plumbing. You need temporary restrooms to keep them focused and comfortable.


We’ll help you figure out the details by providing comfortable and clean toilets. Our team will deliver necessary handwashing stations and bathrooms directly to your job site in El Cajon, CA.


You’ve probably seen our facilities at locations throughout the area, like:


  • Home remodeling sites
  • Real estate developments
  • Housing developments
  • New construction and repair projects
  • Government projects


We can ensure you’ll have your portable bathrooms on-site before any work begins!

Reasonable Rental Prices for Porta-Potties in El Cajon, CA 

Everyone has a budget they must adhere to, and we respect that. We can provide you with a hassle-free, no-obligation quote before placing your order. We base your quote on the following things:


  • Quantity of restroom facilities needed
  • Duration you need the equipment
  • What facilities are required, such as porta-potties, restroom trailers, ADA compliant restrooms, and hand sanitation stations
  • Delivery, setup, and teardown


Call us if you’re unsure what kind of facility you need. We’ll help you determine the number of restrooms you’ll need and what type best suits your project. You can conveniently place a request for a quote online or through our friendly telephone representatives.


Our Commitment to Excellent Portable Toilet Service 


Our team has proudly delivered porta-potties throughout El Cajon, CA for the last 20 years. We’ve helped innumerable home and business owners whenever they’ve needed temporary restrooms. Count on us for help with your next event or project. Give us a call, because we’re ready to serve you.


When you need a solution to your restroom problem, you can count on VIP Restrooms for temporary facilities. We want to earn your business.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where Does the Waste from a Porta-Potty Go? 

After a truck sucks the waste out of the porta-potty and into a holding tank, it is taken to a local sewage treatment plant, just like your in-home toilet.

Are There Urinals in Porta-Potties? 

Yes. Portable restrooms have a non-splash urinal that connects to the holding tank.

Can a Portable Toilet Be Used Inside? 

There are no specific laws that would prevent you from using a portable toilet indoors. However, they release gasses as they fill, meaning there can be sanitation issues if a portable toilet is kept inside.

Why Do Porta-Potties Sometimes Stink? 

Much of their smell can be attributed to the weather. As the temperature rises, the inside of the facility gets hotter, forcing bacteria into overdrive and creating an unpleasant aroma. Air fresheners and cleaning tablets help minimize the smell.

El Cajon Porta Potty Rental Cost

Handicap Accessible Portable Toilets

El Cajon $199 to $399
Handi-Cap Assesible Portable Toilets

Standard Port-a-potty rentals near

El Cajon $185 to $310
Standar Portable Toilet Rental Unit

Deluxe Flushing Porta Potty Rentals

El Cajon $215 to $444
PJ Flushing porta potty

Portable Hand Washing Station Rentals

El Cajon $174 to $325
Two station hand washing