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Porta Potty Rental for Weddings

Wedding Portable Restroom Rental Costs Between $300 and $750 dollars. This price includes the cleaning/maintenance service as well as the delivery and removal of the restrooms.

Why should you rent a Porta Potty for a Wedding and how much does it cost?

Outdoor Weddings are an amazing celebration of the joining of two people’s lives in marriage. Weddings are a kind of special event that can vary wildly in cost, size, and duration. On one end of the spectrum small weddings may only have a hand full of people witnessing the exchange of rings in a backyard. However a large wedding can last many days and have crowds of hundreds if not thousands of people outside. In either case, when planning a wedding it’s important to consider the merits of porta potties or deluxe restrooms rentals for weddings as an amenity for the guests in attendance. All weddings (even small ones) can benefit from the inclusion of porta potties and/or restrooms trailers. That is why VIP Restrooms provides affordable porta potty prices for weddings. Our portable bathroom trailers for weddings are clean, efficient and luxurious.

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For small outdoor weddings a porta potty rental can give your guests a place to use the restroom without affecting the existing onsite facilities. This can become important if the existing facilities are closed during your event (such as after hours) or if the site charges extra fees for using the restrooms (such as to keep a janitor on staff). Depending on the venue hosting the wedding, they may even appreciate the use of temporary restrooms as well, especially if alcohol is being served at the event. Speak with your selected wedding venue about whether wedding porta potties could result in a discount for renting out the facility.

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Some venues (such as working wineries, farms, or private beaches) may not be accustomed to hosting weddings so the onsite restrooms may not be adequate for everyone’s use. This is especially true if you are planning a large wedding. To provide additional toilets to all those in the wedding party as well as the supporting group, a porta potty or restroom trailer is often needed to fill in the gap. Finally, it is sometimes the case that weddings are held in remote locations without convenient access to nearby restrooms. In these cases, a outside port-a-potty bathroom rental or restroom trailers is the only solution to provide outdoor bathrooms to everyone in attendance.

Jag Restroom trailer large
Jag Restroom trailer large
Jag Restroom trailer large
Jag Restroom trailer large

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VIP Restrooms Wedding Porta Potty Rental Prices

How much will you spend on your porta potty rental for a wedding? In either wedding scenario, you’ll find that renting a porta potty is an affordable way to easily improve the guest experience at your wedding. For a small wedding with 50-100 guests lasting one evening you may need up to 3 porta potties to sufficiently serve them. This will typically come with a price tag ranging between $300 and $750 dollars. Note that this price includes the cleaning/maintenance service as well as the delivery and removal of the restrooms. This is comparatively inexpensive when considering that the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $26,645.

Renting Wedding Restrooms From VIP Restrooms

There are many factors that will end up impacting the price of a port-o-john rental. To receive the most accurate rental price, consider contacting an experienced porta potty rental company such as VIP Restrooms. Companies like this one have been in business for several years and can help you get exactly what you need at a low price. Best of all, you can call them and they will provide a free detailed quote specifically tailored to the needs of your wedding.

Wedding Restroom Trailer
$1000 – $5500
$1050 – $5550
$999 – $5495
$1100 – $6000
$1025 – $5499
$1021 – $5501
$1100 – $5690
$996 – $5496
$899 – $5455

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