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Hosting 1,000 guests per day you can expect to need about around 12 to 15 porta potties. The resulting price for the port-o-johns needed to support an event of this size and duration would likely be between $2,100 and $4,125.

Why Should You Rent a Porta Potty for a Festival and How Much Does it Cost?

Festivals, street fairs, and weekend celebrations are a popular way for people to come together and rejoice about a particular historic event, holiday and/or themed cause. In fact, every year most communities within America celebrate some kind of historically significant event or holiday by hosting a festival. Festivals may last several days and is usually a place where people enjoy plenty of drinks, good food, merchandise and even shows and demonstrations. With that said, anyone who is planning or working on a festival development team needs to think about portable sanitation. In most cases, porta potties and/or restroom trailers are the only way to provide enough toilets for the guests that come together for this temporary occasion. No festival would be complete without ensuring adequate sanitation is provided for everyone.

Prices for Portable Toilet Rentals

Planning a festival is no easy task. In order for your event to be successful (and your guests to be happy) you’ll need to consider many key factors. One such factor is the proper use of portable sanitation equipment. In particular, the porta potty has become synonymous with special events because of their low cost and ease of use. Planning for a porta potty at a festival goes beyond just simply placing an order for a large number of port-o-johns. In fact, when proper care is taken, the location and number of portable toilets can be optimized to complement the goals of the festival resulting in an improved guest experience. In other words, it’s important to order the right number of porta potties and place them in the right locations around your event so that they become an amenity rather than a distraction.

Low Cost Porta Potty Pricing for Festivals

For a typical weekend festival hosting 1,000 guests per day you can expect to need about around 12 to 15 porta potties. This number may increase depending on if food/drinks are served at the event as well as if it is a hot day outside. The resulting price for the port-o-johns needed to support an event of this size and duration would likely be between $2,100 and $4,125. Rental prices usually include the delivery and removal fees as well as any cleaning or service that is needed. With the price to host a festival in the tens of thousands of dollars, spending a few thousand dollars on portable toilets is a reasonable expense that is well worth it.

How many porta potties need for event?

As general guideline for planning purposes the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) has the following chart recommending the number of porta potties a typical special event may require:

Get Portable Toilet Rentals for Outdoor Festivals

In the end it becomes obvious why the addition or porta potties and restroom trailers to a festival is a necessary aspect of event planning. For the modern festivals and celebrations of today you simply cannot have a complete special event without ensuring that there are enough restroom facilities for everyone. And as you have learned, the rental fees are nominal especially when considering the benefits that portable sanitation has to offer.

VIP Restroom Rentals for Outdoor Festival Gatherings

For the most accurate review your special event (and thus the most accurate rental price), you’ll need to contact a local portable sanitation dealer such as VIP Rentals. More often than not companies like this have the experience to support any type of special event for a very reasonable price – and better yet they’ll even provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

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