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How do you Rent a Porta Potty?

Porta potties are a great way to take care of the need to properly dispose of waste in a sanitary and economical manner when there are no nearby facilities for public use. Typically, people who need to rent a porta potty will either be planning a special event or are preparing to stage a construction site. In either case, there are many things to consider when renting a porta potty. The primary concern of most renters (aside from the cost) is how many units to rent.

How many porta potties need for event?

First, the event or project type will usually dictate the number of porta potties you need to rent as well as the style of unit that is preferred. For instance, a typical 8 hr special event with 50 people will need at least 2 porta potties for the event. However, a construction site, which is typically a long-term rental, will need at least 1 potty for a member crew working a standard week. The number of units needed is also affected by things like whether food and alcohol is being served at the event as well as the physical size and location of the venue as well as the outdoor temperature and climate. Events with a gender bias towards females or ones that focus on children/families may require additional units beyond what an average event may require.

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How many porta potties need for event?

As general guideline for planning purposes the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) has the following chart recommending the number of porta potties a typical special event may require:

Number of hours to rent a port-a-potty?

The style or type a unit that you need is also affected by the type of event. You wouldn’t necessarily want to use the same porta potty at a construction site as you would at a wedding or upscale event. Construction sites are notoriously dirty and are susceptible to things such as dust, debris, and the elements. For these situation, a durable standard or deluxe porta potty is likely the best option. However, for upscale events a restroom trailer may be a better option considering the atmosphere of the event and the type of guests that will be using them. If local laws have specific requirements for porta potty rentals, you may need to rent ADA or OSHA compliant units as well as standard porta potties.

Where can I lease a porta john?

Ultimately every event or project is different and the number of porta potties you need to rent will depend on the specific details of the event you are planning. Most porta potty rental contractors, such as VIP Rentals, have experienced staff on hand to help you determine the quantity of portable toilets that you need to rent. How much it cost to rent a porta potty and more! Companies like this one have many years of experience supporting special events and will likely be able to more accurately determine the quantity of units you need based on the type, location, and duration of the event that you are planning. Like VIP Rentals, most companies offer a free special event evaluation and equipment rental quote. Contact your local port O John provider today to find our more!

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