Can Portable Toilets be Used Indoors?
Published on January 21, 2021

line of porta pottiesNote: There are no specific laws that prohibit indoor portable toilet usage according to the Health Department. Although, keep in mind. Portable toilets release gasses as they fill. This means there can be sanitation concerns when using a portable toilet indoors. If you are using your portable toilets indoors, please ensure you have an extremely well ventilated area. To learn about portable toilet ventilation technology click here.

Indoor Portable Toilet Usage

Times are changing rapidly. Up is down, left is right, and the indoors are the new outdoors. But as the world changes around us, some things will always stay the same. Like no matter where we are, the need for a clean and accessible bathroom is a sight for sore eyes and a clenched pelvic floor. Enter the portable toilet, the most efficient way to deliver comfort and convenience to anyone searching for an oasis of relief. And a portable toilet can be a viable option for relaxation even if you’re not out wandering the desert, thirsty and confused – no shade to Burning Man. Bottom line: when it comes to portable toilets, if it fits, you can sit. Or hover, we’d understand.

Portable toilets may be useful indoors, and for some, they’ve become a way of life. We aren’t talking about your grandma’s bathroom here. Here at VIP Restrooms, we offer some of the most state-of-the-art options for your private relief – no matter where you are in the world. Do you feel relieved yet?

Here are some of our reasons why using a portable toilet for your next indoor event isn’t just a good idea; it’s downright necessary!

We keep it affordable.

Depending on where you have your event, the plumbing could become an issue. Fixing these issues can quickly become costly and make any event go bad. Anything you can do to avoid plumbing issues is a win and providing your guests with portable toilets is your ace in the hole (ONLY IF YOU HAVE A WELL VENTILATED INDOOR AREA FOR THE PORTA POTTIES)! With all of the little things that come up when you’re trying to plan a large event, going with portable toilets is a smart and practical choice that can keep you focused on having a great time.

We keep it clean.

The more restroom rental options you can offer your guests, the cleaner and more convenient your event will be! If you only have a few restroom options, those areas can get very dirty very quickly.   With portable toilets strategically placed for maximum comfort, you get a happier, healthier guest experience!

We keep it safe.

It’s no secret that large gatherings can help spread germs. Especially in these times, keeping your guests safe should be a top priority. Portable toilets can help keep bacteria and viruses contained. Having a sanitary bathroom option for your guests can make all the difference in their physical comfort and mental comfort. So, remember to have a well ventilated area if you are using indoor porta potties PERIOD!

So now you know why portable toilets are perfect for indoor events, but maybe now you’re saying, “Hey, VIP Restrooms, where would I want to consider using one of these incredible products?”  Here’s just a handful of our favorite places to use our great toilets indoors! In-case the main restroom is out of order?


Indoor Restroom Closed


A family reunion!

Okay, so maybe this one is your grandma’s bathroom. A family reunion is an excellent use of a portable restroom. If you end up renting a space that doesn’t supply your family with accessible and ample bathroom space, a portable toilet is a great addition to your gathering. It’s the perfect place to freshen up after a bit too much of Aunt Miriam’s coleslaw!

A festival!

Eating way too much fried food at your local festival always seems like a good idea moment. But as we say in the biz – what goes in, must come out. Many festival grounds have expo centers or tented off areas with larger attractions to dazzle the masses. Having easily accessible indoor festival portable restrooms for guests gives them plenty of comfort and privacy. And more room for deep-fried turkey legs!

A job fair or work event!

Job fairs might not be as fun as a regular fair, but they still attract tons of people!  And while you might not get the same kind of upside-down stomach feeling from funnel cakes and tilt-o-whirls at an indoor work event, mixing and mingling always involves a lot of water-cooler chatter. A good employee knows staying hydrated   If you’ve got a work event with multiple booths or many spread-out events, placing additional portable toilets can help everyone stay on task and get things done.

You might’ve started off reading this thinking to yourself, “where would I use a portable toilet indoors?”  And now I’m sure you’re thinking, “In a well ventilated indoor area ONLY?”  That’s the great thing about our portable toilets – they’re where you need to be, without limitations. At VIP Restrooms, we’ve got the goods to set you free. Come check us out. Let’s do our business together!

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