3-Stall UltraLav Restroom Trailer

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Luxury Restroom Trailer from VIP Restrooms?

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3-Stall UltraLav Restroom Trailer

3-Stall UltraLav restroom trailer is also available as the portable shower trailer offering a 100% clean and private shower experience for your guests at a wedding, bbq party, sport event, festival, and more! Both versions of the 3-Stall UltraLav product offer excellent quality accompanied by high-quality materials and very easy maintenance – the toilets can be flushed up to 1,300 times!

We highly recommend using UltraLav portable restroom trailers for your events of all type and provide maximal comfort for your guests and improve the overall experience with your as a host!

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Our Restroom Trailers Pricing Starts at $1,000

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