4-Stall NuConcepts Majectic Restroom Trailer

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4-Stall Nuconcept Restroom Trailer

All Nuconcept Restroom Trailers are made in the US. In the past decades, the firm became a global leader in the production of highly effective, luxury bathroom trailers. 4-Stall Trailer has built-in air conditioning, vinyl floor, aluminium ceiling with LED lights, wide mirror and is constructed from fibreglass. It’s also powered by 60-watt solar panels and can be connected to city water connections.

Its special vinyl floor uses an antibacterial technology, is super easy to clean thanks to specially developed surface adjustments, and looks just beautiful! This product is ready to impress your guest at the most special parties across the country!

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Our Restroom Trailers Pricing Starts at $1,000

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