Got the Blues? What is the Blue Liquid in Portable Toilets?
Published on January 20, 2021

Porta Potty Toilet View Blue Liquid Chemical

What IS that Blue Liquid?

We ask some of life’s biggest questions when we’re in the bathroom. Whether it be in the shower, brushing our teeth, or on the toilet, we let the mind wander and start to get curious about life’s many mysteries. Does life exist on other planets? Where do we go when we die? What is that gunk in my belly button?

And when in a Porta Potty Rental: what IS that blue liquid I see below me?

That last question is right in our outhouse – er, wheelhouse. Agonize no more: we’ve got your answer!


Blue Porta Potty Door Open

The blue liquid in a Porta-Potty is there to:

Keep the Porta-Potty fresh!

Part of the blue liquid formula includes a very powerful deodorizer. The deodorizer keeps unpleasant smells at bay, keeping the air in the Porta-Potty smelling impossibly clean. These blue “cocktails” come with an ingredient called biocides. The deodorizer enlists biocides as the front line fighters when it comes to eradicating odor-causing bacteria. Biocides keep the bacteria from multiplying, stopping the stink dead in its tracks.

While early Porta-Pottys used formaldehyde or lye to mask any odors, over time, it became clear that using this chemical wasn’t great for the environment or our health. The Porta-Potty industry is now moving in a more eco and bio-friendly direction. There is a strong desire within the industry to make Porta-Pottys fresh and safe for everyone, so formaldehyde is banned in many parts of the country. You can rest assured that this blue liquid is keeping you and your nostrils safe from harm.

Keep the Porta-Potty, well, blue!

If you were to ask most people what their favorite color was, we’d wager that the majority of them would say it was blue. In fact, blue is considered the world’s most popular favorite color. Do you know what the world’s least favorite color was? Brown.

Maybe you can see where we’re going with this.

The blue liquid in the Porta-Potty is blue because of dyes that can help determine whether the fluid is still doing its job. If it’s blue, we’re feeling cool. If it’s green, that means yellow has been a bit too mellow, which means it’s time to change up the chemicals. For the most part, you shouldn’t see green liquid, as Porta Potties get cleaned often enough to where crystal-clear blue should be all you see.

But in all honesty, if you’re not trying to ruin your day, take the advice of any movie character that’s trying to help someone down off a high ledge: don’t look down. That’s for us to take care of, so give us a call!

Blue Standard Porta Toilet Disected

Keep the Porta-Potty, uh, green?

It’s not just the shift from formaldehyde to more eco-friendly blue liquids that help protect our planet. Going blue means going green: we waste more water using the toilet than we do washing our dishes, showering, or any other activity that uses water. Because of our biocide friends, Porta-Potties are saving gallons of water every day!

How many gallons? Not to brag, but portable toilets save nearly 45 billion gallons of water a year. Do you know how many more shower thoughts you could have with that amount of water, guilt-free? You can thank us later.

Poop Cartoon with Life Preserver

Keep the Porta-Potty just a little mysterious!

We can’t give away all of our secrets – sometimes, illusions are for the best (just trust us on this).

Part of the job of the blue liquid isn’t just to eliminate bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. The liquid also contains powerful fragrances and detergents that help to mask and even out scents, making you go “hmmm, what is that?” instead of “oh, I know what that is.” It might not work out to smelling like your favorite candle store, but these little chemicals work hard to keep us happy and smell-free!

There you have it: the blue liquid is a mystery no more, and what have we discovered? The blue liquid isn’t just a deodorizer. It’s our friend, our ally, our best tool at giving you your most comfortable portable restroom experience ever. With one of life’s most curious curiosities explained, it’s time to let your brain get back to some of those other questions. Let our team at VIP Restrooms assist you with all of your portable toilet needs and take the guesswork out of your next event! And let us know if you ever figure out when fish sleep. That’s been bugging us for a while now.

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