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Published on December 7, 2019

Restroom Trailers

You may already be familiar with the many uses of porta-potties.  As useful and convenient as porta-potties are, there are some instances where this simple portable toilet will not suffice to meet your needs or the needs of your guests. If you are looking to rent or lease something a little more upscale (like running water) or something that’s a bit more permanent, then a perhaps a restroom trailer will suit your needs.


Restrooms trailers come in about as many varieties as you can think of.  On one end of the spectrum you can rent premium luxury restroom trailers suitable to serve for one or two people at a time.  These restroom trailers usually have running water (hot & cold), flushing toilets, working lights, and extravagant decor. On the other end of the spectrum you will find the standard 2 or 4 unit restroom trailer that comes with basic toilets, a low pressure water sink, and hand soap dispensers.  Even the most basic restroom trailer has its advantages over the standard porta-potty unit.


Why rent a restroom trailer? Restroom trailers offer many more options for your guests than a standard portable toilet does.  These trailers bring the comforts of home to any location in a an easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, all-in-one unit. The uses for restroom trailers also vary just about as much as the various available styles do.  The rest of this article will be dedicated to describing some of the more common reasons people decide to rent restroom trailers instead of porta-potties..



Multi-day events such as carnivals or festivals often need to provide onsite restroom facilities for their patrons.  Porta-potties are sometimes used for these events however restroom trailers may offer more convenience and comfort for the guests.  Restroom trailers are also more aesthetically pleasing which will help to maintain the festive atmosphere. Restroom trailers also tend to invite less vandalism while promoting a clean and sanitary affair for the users and the people in the vicinity.


Public Parks

Sometimes public parks will need to rent restroom trailers to help supplement their on-site facilities (if they even exist at all). Many times, park managers may turn to porta-potties for their restroom needs however restroom trailers may offer a much better solution in the long run. For example, during large public events or when tourist attendance is high you may want to have something a little nicer than a porta-potty for your guests. Your guests will enjoy the restroom trailers a lot more than a standard porta-potty. Many people will say that they prefer running water and a sink to a bottle of hand sanitizer and a chemical toilet. Your guests will leave the restroom feeling cleaner then before they entered it ensuring that their bathroom experience doesn’t detract from the beauty and fun offered by the public park.



America’s beaches are popular tourist destinations. Beaches tend to have a lot of people, a lot of sand, and a lot of sun however many beaches that are open to the public often lack adequate restrooms. This issue can be problematic for both beach managers and guests. In order to maintain sanitary conditions at public beaches restrooms are often needed – this is especially true when it’s a very popular beach. Permanent bathrooms may be unfeasible due to site constraints or they can simply be too expensive to install.  Furthermore, porta-potties can detract from the beach atmosphere. However, a more permanent and practical solution may be through the use of strategically placed restroom trailers at the beach or near the parking areas. With the addition of restroom trailers, the tourists and guests will benefit greatly. The end result is a clean and sanitary Beach that can be enjoyed by all.



People love to go camping. However, one thing that most people hate is going to the restroom in the middle of the forest. For this reason (as well as many others) most campgrounds in America provide on-site restrooms for their campers. Obviously this promotes a sanitary experience that doesn’t ruin the environment for others. Sometimes the on-site restrooms may need to be supplemented with additional toilets due to increased demand during the peak camping season. Moreover these on-site restrooms need periodic maintenance and a thorough cleaning. Restroom trailers offer Campground owners an affordable option to help meet peak camping demand or to provide continuous service to guests when on-site facilities are being maintained. Restroom trailers are easy to transport and set up and your guests will be pleased with the experience provided.

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