How Many Porta Potties Are Needed? Staying Clean & Sanitized
Published on February 2, 2021

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Keeping Porta Potties Sanitized Rule of thumb: One Porta Potty Per Every 10 Guests or Workers

If you keep your events clean, you want to keep your image clean. If it’s up to you to hold a conference or special event for your business, the environment you create for your guests will be a reflection on you. Everything from the catering to the location and yes – the bathroom options – should be chosen with care.

But it isn’t just about the choices you make before the event. It’s also about maintaining a healthy and safe space for everyone involved. The cleanliness of your portable toilets can be a significant but sometimes overlooked factor.

So if you’ve rented portable toilets, how often should they be cleaned? If you’re not a commodore of commodes, you might not know the best practices to ensure a clean and comfortable experience.  At VIP Restrooms, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to keeping a clean portable toilet, we consider these to be standard practices.

How Many Porta Potties Do I Need?

Where are your portable toilets going?  How many people will be at the event?  Is the event serving food or beverages and more specifically – alcohol?  These factors will impact not only what kind of rentals you might need. But how many restrooms rentals are needed? Also, how frequently they need cleaning. And let’s face it, an unkempt bathroom option can be the difference between “I’ll hold it” and “let’s get another round!” Use this porta potty calculator for help!

Depending on your event’s size, you might want to consider additional portable toilets even if there is already access to a public restroom – especially if you have a more spread out event. Having extra bathrooms options will also help keep your portable toilets clean, as they will take longer to get dirty since each toilet will get used less. Make it easy for your guests to take care of business so they can get back to business – even if that business is hitting the open bar!  Cheers to cleanliness!

Make sure there’s enough.

Part of maintaining a clean environment for your event is making sure that people have ample places to go when they gotta go. We recommend that you have at least one portable toilet for every ten event goers or full-time employees on a construction work site. For special events, the bare minimum should be two portable toilets, but you should consider an additional toilet that is handicap accessible. The more options you can offer your guests, the more likely they’ll find one that feels just right!

Most rental companies will come out to assess your portable toilets once a week. These visits can help stomp out any disruptive smells and make sure the proper chemicals are in each bowl. If you find that your portable toilet is a bit full for your liking, have a plan to have your rental company come out and pump it. VIP Restrooms will help you figure out the appropriate maintenance schedule to keep your event on the right track.

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There’s some general upkeep you can do in between visits from us to keep your portable toilet – and your guests – happy. Use deodorizers and cleaners  often to keep your portable bathroom feeling fresh, but don’t forget to check the toilet paper. We all know there’s nothing quite like the existential dread you feel when you find out there isn’t any toilet paper in a public space – don’t put your guests through that!

Err on the side of caution (

In the era of the pandemic, cleanliness and hygiene are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Put those minds at ease by showing your guests you care about their health. In addition to routine cleaning and maintenance, renting a portable toilet with separate handwashing and sanitizing areas can help keep your event clean. The cleaner your guests, the cleaner your portable toilet. Not only that, but you can also schedule additional cleaning services whenever you might need them to keep everyone feeling secure. When it comes to meeting our client’s expectations, there’s no overdoing it, and we welcome you to echo the same sentiments to your guests and employees.

A clean and comfortable environment is the cornerstone of any event or work environment. Keep your portable toilet spic and span with our help. VIP Restrooms offers options for just about any occasion you can think of, from sanitation for construction sites to black tie events and outdoor weddings. We’ll help keep your toilets and your guests happy and hygienic. Let’s do our business together!


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