How Often Do You Empty A Portable Toilet?
Published on January 28, 2021

Animated Truck Empties Porta Potty

How Often Do You Empty A Porta-Potty?

Empty Your Porta Potty at Least Once Per Week for Sanitation Purposes

Restrooms can feel like a lawless place if you aren’t at home. Like you’re lost in uncharted territory. A no man’s land of confusing sights and even more confusing smells. Maybe there’s toilet paper…maybe not.

But a comfortable commode outside the home doesn’t have to be some kind of unicorn. And if finding a place to go when you’re at an event seems like a luxury, then it’s high time we make luxury feel simple.

There are ways to provide your guests or employees with the cornerstone of comfort: a clean place to find relief and maybe even some relaxation. Give them something they are familiar with and turn those bathroom fears into bathroom cheers!

  • Bring them that unicorn.

Unicorn Poop & rainbow

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by giving your portable toilets routine cleaning. So what’s considered routine? How often do you need to empty your Porta Potties? As a rule of thumb, you should service your portable toilets at least once a week for up to ten people across the average workweek.

But at VIP Restrooms, we can help you raise the bar and give everyone a great place to go.

  • Check it often

The one-week rule is a good baseline, but you’ll want to keep an eye out for how much waste there is in the portable toilet. If it’s too full, you run the risk of becoming an overstuffed Porta-Potty stereotype. You can always avoid this by having your rental company come out and pump it on an as-needed basis. You can also discuss maintenance schedules for your portable toilets that cater to you and your guests, so don’t hesitate to reach out for additional cleanings if you think you need them!

And remember, people tend to drop all kinds of things into Porta Potties (besides the obvious). Cell phones, eyeglasses, wallets, unfinished novels, all kinds of different personal belongings might make a new home in one of your toilets, taking up precious waste space. So check it often, not just to keep it clean from the obvious refuse, but the less obvious refuse as well.

Give your guests clean restroom options for their comfort

Giving your guests plenty of places to go can make everyone’s lives just a little bit easier. The more portable toilets you have, the less maintenance they’ll need and the cleaner each will stay. While you’ll still want to practice the one week rule for scheduled maintenance, having more than enough toilet options for everyone means you can focus on more important things.

Keep in mind where you place individual toilets too. No matter how many options you might provide for your guests, some are bound to get heavier traffic than others. Any bathroom you have that might see a few more guests than the rest might need emptying sooner.

Know your porta cans by ensuring they are safe & clean

If your goal is to offer a superior portable restroom experience, you should know how they operate. Clean porta-potties should have a clean smell. If you’re getting some complaints about foul odors, you’re likely running into issues with the porta potties blue liquid that helps keep bacteria at bay. Most deodorizers can treat up to 40 gallons of waste, so if you’re starting to notice some issues, it might be time for some maintenance.

And not all portable toilets are created equal. Each kind of Porta-Potty might have its way of self-preservation and cleaning. Some might be too big or too small, depending on how much space you have at your location. To avoid any day-of confusion, be sure to talk with your rental provider and see which toilet style is right for your event.

Take care of your porta potties & keep that portable restroom polished

What could be more of creature comfort than having a nice extra roll of toilet paper lying around?  While your rental company can make sure to help keep your Porta-Potty spic and span between maintenance visits, there’s still plenty you can do on your end. Emptying your Porta-Potty is only half the equation when it comes to portable toilet upkeep. Don’t skimp on the rolls or the spot cleaning my friends.

A great portable toilet experience doesn’t have to be a mythical moment. If you want to offer a good portable toilet experience, be sure to have your toilets serviced at least once a week.

But we don’t just settle for “good” here at VIP Restrooms; we strive for greatness. We offer clean and pristine units that are easy to maintain and a joy to use. We’ll work hard to ensure that your event stays fresh and fun: the way it needs to be!

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