Why should you rent a Porta Potty for Outdoor Sporting Events?
Published on November 1, 2020

Event Restrooms for Sports Events

Sporting events such as practices, tournaments and championship games are almost a rite of passage for the younger generation.  Whether its baseball, soccer, football, field hockey, race tracks or golf courses many outdoor sporting events draw lots of people.  This includes both the players and the families who travel with them from game to game.  While a good number of local organizations have the means to host and/or run sporting events at full service sporting arenas, it is often the case that small or volunteer run teams find themselves playing games at local parks, open fields and even vacant properties.  In either case, sporting events can last for several hours and event organizers have come to realize the importance of portable sanitation equipment such as the porta potty.

Keep Your Sporting Event Sanitized With Restroom Trailers

Did you know that a high school championship football game can bring in several thousand people together to watch? Even when sporting arenas have onsite restrooms, it is sometime the case that big games between rival teams can draw large enough crowds to warrant the need for extra restrooms.  For a typical 3 hour game that brings in 1,000 people you can expect to need a minimum of 8 restrooms (and at least one of these should be an ADA compliant restroom).  For tournaments and sporting events that involve younger children and families, having ample onsite restrooms can be a big help to keeping people out of waiting in line and in the bleachers or on the field. Temporary port-o-johns are the way to go to quickly and inexpensively provide onsite sanitation for any situation.

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Port-o-potties are more useful than just providing restrooms to little league teams and kids sports clubs.  In fact, portable toilets have found their place in professional sporting events as well. In particular, the mobile outhouse has found a great place in the parking lots of major sports stadiums throughout the country.  Tailgating, a pre and post game social event usually held in a stadium’s parking lot, has become a sport in and of itself. In order to ensure that the tailgaters have access to restrooms stadium managers are increasingly turning to porta-potties for in order to keep their guests happy.  Strategically placed restrooms can help to ensure a top quality experience for the fans in the hours leading up to a big game.

Lease Restrooms for Sporting Events, Soccer, Football, Racing Porta Potties

So how much does renting a porta potty actually cost?  Obviously prices can vary with many factors and across regions however a typical company might charge between $175 and $225 per unit for a short term rental.  If you are managing a sports team and have a need for temporary restrooms you could save a lot of money by signing a contract for a longer term lease rather than one for just a few days. In fact, for a month’s use of a standard porta potty you might expect to pay anywhere from $175 to $500.  This is not significantly more expensive than a short term rental because the bulk of the cost associated with renting portable sanitation equipment is found in the delivery and setup of the units as well as the regular cleaning service.  Whether you rent for one day or for a month the delivery and setup fees are generally the same.  Porta potties are delivered clean and are usually serviced on a weekly basis.

As mentioned earlier, pricing on portable sanitation projects can vary with location, local demand and product availability.  Because of this it is always best to contact a porta potty dealer in your area, such as VIP Rentals. They can provide the quickest and most accurate quote for portable restrooms and equipment.  In fact, quotes are typically free and companies like VIP Rentals will take the time to answer your questions ensuring that you get exactly what you need for your sporting event or sports tournament.

Some Events for the need of a Port-a-Potty Rental Company:

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Racing
  • Softball
  • Baseball

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